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For far too many years I lived life never really pushing the limits, living a bit in fear and as if wanting more, working for more or dreaming for more was a bad thing. There was fear of embarrassment, failure, success, being vulnerable, speaking my real truth and I found I would always hold back, just a bit. But why? For what? 

I didn’t want to live the life of “what if” or worse, a life of regret. I wanted to explore all that I was and see what kind of crazy things I could accomplish if I “Feared” “Less” and so this mindset was developed within me. 

It’s an ongoing process even to this day as there are many things put in my way to halt my progress, plant doubts and prevent me from achieving exactly what I’m working for. But living and breathing a FEARless mindset is what’s helped me achieve things I never would’ve thought possible and allows me to now live a life I use to only dream of. Don’t hold back, life has no limits and YOU get to dictate how you live it!

"Fear will not break you....until you let it." - Brody Jones

What it means to be FEARless... 

Going for it 🔹 Not being afraid to fail or succeed 🔹 Acting on that inner voice 🔹 Erasing doubt 🔹 Believing 🔹 Focusing on the best case scenario 🔹 Banishing negative talk 🔹 Being authentic 🔹 Living your life for you and not others 🔹 Being bold 🔹Speaking your mind 🔹 Having a voice 🔹Finding your peaceful self 🔹Asking questions 🔹 Taking a different path 🔹 Following your heart 🔹Not waiting for tomorrow 🔹Facing it head on 🔹Being empowered 🔹Inspiring the younger generation 🔹Having Faith
🔹I Can and I Will 🔹Watch Me 🔹Hear Me Roar


Let me help you realize your potential and get you in the best shape of your life. Be FEARless! Email me, let's get to know each other. Tell me about yourself and what your goals are. 


How To Start Counting Macros -- $29.97

  • Understand the science behind macro counting
  • Provides basic macro numbers for goal weights
  • Sample meal plans with alternative food recommendations and recipes 

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Beach Body HIIT Circuits -- $29.97

  • Understand the science behind High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • 6 week progressive workout schedule
  • Detailed exercise description
  • No gym required

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